National Kitten List Co-ordinators

If you would like to purchase a Birman Kitten, please contact one of our co-ordinators, listed opposite, who will have up to date information on any kittens available.

Club members:- If you have a litter of kittens that you would like to have on the National Register and/or listed on this page, please download and complete this form.

picture of Mrs Carol Pike, National Kitten List Co-ordinator
Mrs Carol Pike
Tel:- 01344 424418
picture of Dr Kathryn Robson, National Kitten List Co-ordinator
 Dr Kathryn Robson
Tel:- 01993 882428
Here are some of our beautiful kittens from previous litters
Birman kitten with pretty eyes
Three Birman kittens in their cat tree
Tiny Birman kittens in a fluffy bed
Birman kitten snuggled in a blanket
A Birman kitten fast asleep on her back
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